Write for Bootsity

We’re always looking for good writers at Bootsity.

1. About Us

Bootsity is a technical site focused on the PHP, Laravel and Angular ecosystem.

We publish tutorials, blogs and in-depth– with a strong focus on to the point concepts and ready-to-run code.

As a new author, you must have experience with the libraries or technologies you’d like to cover and focus. You should have an expert level command on the written English language.

Finally – previous writing experience using WordPress is, of course, a plus, but certainly not a requirement.

2. Publishing your articles

New author on Bootsity goes through a rapid onboarding process.

Initially, you work with an editor. Editors are going to review your article and give you feedback on different aspects of your blog posts. As an author, you decide your velocity – you can go multiple articles in a week or 1-2 article per month.

3. Payments

Budgets are dependent on author grades (it is merely a grading of an author). On Bootsity, grades start from A and go up. Available grades and corresponding payments are here.

Generally, we take care of the payments using Paypal and Upwork every 15 days. You are paid out for all the work you did in last 15 days.

4. Choosing the topics

Authors can choose their topics or choose from existing list of topics.

Here are some ideas or topics for articles:

  • Core PHP, Angular
  • Laravel, Lumen, Composer, REST
  • Laravel Passport
  • ORM (Eloquent etc.)
  • Web communications (HTTP, WebSockets etc.)
  • PHP Libraries – MonoLog, Guzzle, phpUnit,  Sympony and so on…

5. Badge and Signatures

On Bootsity, you can get published in a couple of ways –

  • Non-paid assignments – A guest post with full your author profile.
  • Paid assignments – As a paid author, your articles get published under the generic bootsity user.

6. Writing guidelines and values

We at Bootsity, believe in two core values – practical approach and copy-paste-runnable code.

Here are some guides that can get you started very quickly –

7. Let’s connect and take this forward

  1. Introduce yourself (contact me)
  2. I’ll share a Contributor account on Bootsity (meaning that you’ll be able to write but not publish)
  3. Write your article, get it reviewed.
  4. After the article looks good, we hit Publish

— Cheers, Pradeep